Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services
Do you think you have high risk! Because of, you don’t have internal audit function or you don’t use actively this function of internal audit in your organization?

If you know that internal audit requirement is different than financial audit and independent audit requirement!

You would like to establish internal audit function however you don’t necessary ideas about the best!

The solution of Internal Audit Center;
Nowadays in terms of the dynamics of the changing environment of global business, the role of internal audit function contributes evaluation of financial results and procedural compliance. And also it help to make decisions about the top level of decisions besides of it protect the organization against risk, and cause development of control system. Internal audit function change and develop so all of these cause that support managers strategically.

A lot of organizations face many risks which have not sufficient knowledge and experience employees and these companies suffer to take precautions about timely and adequate levels

Internal audit center create internal audit department which is accordance with International Standards and turn-key. And IDM supervises working so it supports effectiveness, continuity and the development of companies. The other alternative is that Internal Audit Center (IDM) applied internal audit services by using outsource taking into account needs, and preferences of the scale of firms.

IDM helps companies which have internal audit department but there is no enough employee, competence and when face problem about effectiveness of the results. Internal Audit Center support firms about restructuring and/or development of internal audit department also IDM gives technical & strategically support, it presents opportunity about the co-source through education.

The Establishment of Internal Audit Function

Do you think that you obtained commercial success and your company has been reached significant scale but you cannot control your company as before”!

If you are not sure about the accuracy of financial statements and other reports which are forwarded to you!

If you are not sure that employees work appropriately in terms of established policies, procedures and legal regulations

Do not get a healthy return about the results of operational application.

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Increase the complexity of organizations with operations, companies needs more assurance about Is the existing system helped to them to achieve their own aims? If these risks which are carried on corporation obstruct by efficient and effective Internal Audit function in this case shareholders and professional managers, employees and others who want or plan receiving service from corporation obtain significant assurance.

Internal Audit Center helps to definition and manages risks. Also IDM help to establish an internal audit function for supplier of needed critical information and adoptable for fast changing in business life.

Internal Audit Center services 3 phase of the methodology in order to establish internal audit function quickly, effectively and then ensuring continuity.

1.Phase: Technical Establishment of internal audit department.

• Detection of staff requirement of internal audit department.
• Choosing internal audit staff
• Establishment of the Internal Audit policies and regulations
• Establishment of Internal Audit job descriptions and work directive
• (Determination auditable processes and activities
• Establishment of Risk-Based Internal Audit Plan
• Training for internal audit in international standards.

2.Phase: Field Applications

• The creation of audit programs
• Establishment of audit working papers
• Application of internal audit activities with the audit team in the field.
• Establishment reporting system.
• Development of action following methodology

3.Phase: Inspection & Consultancy

• Providing inspection and consulting support after when the auditor team reach a particular experience and competence.
• Supporting the manager of internal audit department to develop departmental management skills.
• Measures of results to evaluate productivity of internal audit department.

Using Outsource in Internal Audit

Are you aware advantages of using outsource in internal audit.

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Today, most of organizations don’t prefer to establish internal audit department its own company. They generally front to use outsource. Main causes of these changing is as following

• Cost advantage
• Obtaining adequate level of expertise continuously
• Increasing activity because of flexibility of using resource.
• Obtaining most recent know-how and methodology
• Different type point of view except the organization

Internal Audit Center (IDM) applies its own Internal Audit methodology independently, impartially and objectively with basis of international standards and field experience.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) Outsourcing service depends on Board or the Chairmanship of the Audit Committee to work and report in terms of approach to service.

The process of outsourcing services is as follows
• Determination of auditable process and activities
• Review of internal control system and risk identification in micro basis
• Preparing Risk Based Internal Audit Plan and approving it by management.
• Preparing and implementation of the internal audit programs for each audit Project in detail basis.
• Reporting of results to management
• Periodic follow-up received actions.

Using of Co-source in Internal Audit

Do you know using co-source professional and effective solution in failure of the periodic source of internal audit department or requirement of specialized needs?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
When companies don’t have enough and competent internal auditor in the available internal audit department that they may prefer co-source in some departments and they benefit from external expertise services.

Internal Audit Center(IDM) contribute the company to audit some areas of internal audit department, it done by the firm’s teams who are audited firm’s employees with approaching using co-source or IDM audit the firm itself with the audit experts team.

IDM Internal Audit Center applies internal audit methodology itself which developed by field experience, besides of IDM can blend also apply other firms’ culture methodology which are taking services from IDM.

IDM support manager of internal audit department in terms of working and reporting within the framework of co-source service.

In addition to this; IDM Internal Audit Center presents periodic internal auditors needs to companies therefore it provide continuity of service firms and this cause stopping disruption of service.

The Development of Internal Audit Function

If you have tried to establish internal audit department many times but you haven’t succeed!

If your results of internal audit are not adequate, effective, timely and satisfactory!

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Some organizations think that their internal audit department is not adequate which believe necessity of internal audit department and establish a audit department organizations but they don’t reach desired level by the firm timely. There are many causes to stop working effectively in the organization of internal audit department.

• Not positioning truly the organizational statues of internal audit department.
• Not defined clearly the authority and responsibilities of Internal Audit Department
• Don’t provide supporting to internal audit department for the sufficient senior management.
• Lack adequate levels of competence for audit managers and staff.
• Don’t pay attention compliance of International Standards in the internal audit.
• Designing used audit methodologies as top level
• Audit priorities hasn’t directed to firms ‘needs, expectations of top management and risk areas.

Firstly, Internal Audit (IDM) has been predicated on (esas almak) International standards and then, after it detects the current situation and sets the development needs; IDM help to transform into the shape of internal audit that is oriented towards rapid change of condition of business structure of available department.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) applies following details to develop the function of internal audit whit the supporting and restructuring options.

1.Phase: Review and Revision of the Internal Audit Function

• Evaluation the position of the organizational structure of Internal Audit Department
• Evaluation the organizational structure of the Internal Audit Department
• Review and revision the policies and regulations of internal audit.
• Review and revision the job descriptions and work directive of internal audit.
• Establishment of Risk Based Internal Audit Plan
• Training of internal auditors in the international standards.

2.Phase: Development of Field Applications

• Supporting the development of audit programs.
• Supporting the development of audit working papers
• Development of reporting system.
• Development of action following methodology

3.Phase: Monitoring & Consultancy

• Provide supporting about the surveillance and consultancy in audit working.
• Supporting development of internal audit manager’s department management.
• Measurement results to evaluate effectiveness of the Internal Audit Department.

Technical Support Services for Internal Audit

Do you know that development of working methodology of internal audit increases the performance of Internal Audit Department?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Internal audit department needs technical consultancy supporting about the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill their responsibilities based on the international standards.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) aims to contribute development of internal audit department by development of technical adequacy of the departments and supporting international standards for the work.

“Technical Internal Audit Consultancy Service” is performed with Audit manager and staff as regular meetings and collaboration.

• Creation of audit program with working culture
• Transfer preparing of audit programs methodology
• Placement the approaching of audit circle.
• The design of audit working papers)
• Development of reporting technique.

Strategic Consulting Services for Internal Audit

Are you aware that value added will be increased thanks to Professional strategic support from Internal Audit Department?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
The manager of Internal Audit Department would like to increase activity by following international standards and developments in the methodology also they should provide required time and resources. On the other hand, they need strategically support to manage relationship with top management and other department in internal audit which are audited department.

Internal Audit Center (IDM), aims to develop firms’ performance continuously and permanently in order to use potential of departments exactly so that IDM believe transferring field and management experience to the manager of internal audit department so IDM aims to contribute development, effectiveness and continuity of the department.

"Strategic Internal Audit Consulting Services" are formed regular meetings and with the continuous communication in electronic environment which includes following details.

• Establishment of Risk Based Audit Plan
• Evaluation compliance of the audit plan
• Evaluation of audit project work programs
• The evaluation results of audit applications and developed proposal and that evaluate and revise the results of audit, adequacy of the pre-study report, review and evaluation of the integrity and effectiveness
• Evaluation of effectiveness of audit reports
• Continuous disclosure about the in professional developments in the international arena and the best applications
• Directing the process of Internal Review of Quality Assurance

Risk Evaluation for Internal Audit
Are you aware that your company focuses more its real needs and risks which are faced by the firm with the risk based planning of your internal department?

Do you know that source of internal audit can be used with the risk based planning in the areas more accurately.

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
The organization's competitiveness and financial strength of existing or potential risks and protection capability of quality of products and services are affected directly. Therefore the establishment of Risk Management is emerging responsibility for top management and which cannot ignore for them.

According to International Professional Practices Framework the internal audit manager has to create Risk-Based Plans which is suitable the priorities of the internal audit activity of the firms.

Internal audit department can create audit plans which have available Risk Management System organizations. However if there is no any working about the risk management by organization in this case internal audit manager create the methodology of risk assessment on the basis of audit planning.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) is doing risk assessment working and then it contributes creation of "Risk-Based Internal Audit Plan" based on the results of the valuation in order to ensure the participation of managers in the organizations.

Levels of Risk Based Audit Planning Service.
1) Determination of auditable areas within the organization.
2) Determination of risk factors and sub-risks
3) Evaluation of the risks
• Evaluation of managers who will evaluate based the internal areas
• Determination of meeting groups and their own time
• Creation of risk evaluation scores
• Processing of scoring data
4) Preparation of risk maps.
5) Establishment of the Internal Audit Plan.
• Creation of the draft plan
• Evaluation of Chairman of the Board
• The finalization of the Internal Audit Plan

Evaluation System of the Internal Auditor’s Performance.

Are you aware that measurement of internal audit performance and continuous traceability contribute the performance of department in your organizations.

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Sometime institutions ignore the measurement of the performance of internal audit staff. Although objective decisions are very significant based on establishment and evaluation of “Performance Evaluation System” to measure as well as personal skills and professional competencies of internal audit staff.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) aims to support seeing of staff’s powerful and weaknesses and completion of the deficiencies with the establishment of Performance Evaluation System for internal auditor.

Performance factors and personal characteristics evaluation base the Internal Audit staff performance evaluation system. Performance measurements should be evaluated by auditor at least once a year with the considering in differentiation of auditor positions.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) benefits customized survey application of working of the Internal Audit Department oriented by audited units, as instrumental in the Performance Evaluation System.

Training Services For Development Of Internal Auditor

Do you believe necessity of continuing education for the development of the Internal Audit staff?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
“Internal Audit Professional Practice Framework” is indicating necessity of continuous train/education to protect technical adequacy of internal auditors and it specifies that internal auditors are responsible protection of professional qualifications and continuing education.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) designs to contribute development of internal audit and the continuity of the development of auditors. IDM bases Standards of Professional Practice of Internal Audit and Principles of Internal Control also Internal Audit Center combines field experience and comprehensive examples so IDM create suitable education about our country conditions.

Educations for the internal auditors are separated in specific areas each other for the beginners/juniors auditors, expert auditors and the internal audit manager in particular.

For the beginner/Junior internal auditors’

• Internal Control System and Internal Audit Function in the light of Internal Audit Professional Practice Framework
• Internal Audit Professional Practice Framework
• Writing techniques of the Internal audit report.
For the Senior auditors’

• Operational Audit
• Fraud detection techniques and prevention methods
For the internal audit managers’
• Effectiveness and efficiency in the management of the Internal Audit department
• Risk assessment and Risk Based Audit Planning for units of the Internal Audit.

Quality Assurance Internal Review Consultancy Services

Do you know that professional supporting can be accelerated accessing process to the international standards in internal department?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
According to International Standards of internal audit professional application, there is a necessity in internal and external evaluation within the framework "Quality Assurance and Improvement Program"

Internal review which will be held in this context is following;

• Review the performance of Internal Audit activity constantly.
• Making periodic review of studies through self-evaluation or other people who have adequate information in the organization.

Internal Audit Center (IDM), the activity of internal audit department are watched continuously and reviewed as periodically by designing special methodologies, so IDM support to prepare internal and external evaluations.

• Do you satisfied received service or / Is it limited Internal Audit Manager's competence and capacity?

• Are you sure that each internal audit firms have real internal audit experience?

• Do you receive only services about the supervision of financial results under the name of the Internal Audit Service?

Internal Control Services

Internal Control Services
You focus maximize your commercial organization to achieve commercial success of your organization but you don’t attach importance of control infrastructure adequately!

If you need more well-designed corporate structure because of, the resulting gaps in control of volume of trade grows!

If you feel inadequate yourself to prevent risks of existing controls!

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Whatever the size of each organization has a certain level of the Internal Control System. In addition to this, organizations have different level of control activities and spending effort in terms of development control system.

Effective and adequate Internal Control System is the first step of Corporate Governance. Therefore not only companies spend energy to the organizational behavior but also they should effort the development of the control structure as an assurance element of continuous commercial success in terms of commercial success of companies.

There are policies and procedures to ensure that control activities and managing the risks activities process correctly and timely. These procedures and policies are designed nested and they use to manage risks as acceptable level.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) evaluates goals of company and department and risks which are faced by company to achieve goals as specific to each organization also take into account the sectoral data. After that IDM designs necessity controls to decrease/prevent these risks.

Aims: Which is performed by the organization.

Risk: Which prevents to reach aims of organization.

Control: is control activities to limit the risks which are faced by organization.

In addition to evaluation of internal control system, Internal Audit Center (IDM) benefits some instrumental such as “self-evaluation, working groups, control survey, training” etc. in order to increase awareness of the organization's control.

The Evaluation of Internal Control System.

Do you think that you have effective and efficient Internal Control System?

Are you aware the costs by the lack of control for your company?

Are you able to detect “Red Flag” in your organizations?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
The process of internal control is directed by organizations’ the board of directors, professional managers and other staff and it provides reasonable assurance in order to obtain following goals.

• Reliability and accuracy of financial and operational information
• Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
• Protection of assets
• Laws, regulations and compliance agreements

COSO (USA), COCO (Canada) and CADBURY (England) guide working of effective control management in the International field. Internal Audit Center (IDM) bases COSO “Integrated Control Framework” in the working of "Internal Control System Evaluation".

Internal Audit Center (IDM) aims to help having effective controls of the firms about the evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of controls and promoting the continuous development of them. In this process, Internal Audit Center (IDM) presents developing recommendations and it also informs deficiencies about the controls for the firms about that how effective and efficient control system to prevent the risks.

Following steps are based in organization as a whole and for each unit in the working of "Internal Control System Evaluation"

• Organizational Structure and Authorization System
• Policies and written procedures
• Human Resources Management System
• Accounting System
• Budget System
• Management Reporting System

Consulting Service for Development of Control Efficiency

Do you know that what to do to improve the Internal Control System?

Do you know that the development level of the control gear of operational activities affect corporate performance and continuity directly

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Organizations benefit evaluation of internal control system independently also they benefit approaching of Control Self Assessment in order to determinate development requirements for internal control system.

Control Self-Assessment emerges to develop operational processes and Internal Control Systems of organizations continuously as an effective tool. Internal Audit Function generally benefits the approaching Control Self Assessment in order to fulfill goals of audit.

Control Self-Assessment applications and the group work support the elimination of faced the lack of control in offsetting the organization's risks

Internal Audit Center presents consultancy services fulfill the necessity actions as “at the appropriate time and complete”. Besides of this, Internal Audit Center (IDM) contributes the process of self-evaluation with the approaching of mentor system when Self-Appraisal application is adopted to strengthen control system of organizations.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) aims to support the firm for the identification and development of the perception of internal control within the institution by application all management levels of the organization of the survey which bases COSO principles of internal control system. This is occurred parallel about the studies of development internal control system.

Training for Internal Control

Do you support development of control consciousness of firm’s managers and staff with the Training/Education?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Internal Audit Center designs privatized training program about the detection Internal Control System and operability and also contribution development sense of control for company’s top management and other managers. This developed training program is complementary elements of consultancy services, issues about the function of internal audit, internal control system and risk control management.

Sample training for internal audit system

• Internal Control System and function of internal audit terms of Corporate Governance Principles.
• Internal Control System and Internal Audit for excellence of corporate in the NGOs.

• Do you think that are the only written policies and procedures enough without a real internal control environment.

• Are you aware that responsibility of internal control system belongs to top managements?

Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services
Are you aware of the risks that might prevent your organization to achieve the objectives?

Do you think that spending time cost for the system of risk management is more expensive than encountered risks?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Organizations carrying out activities under uncertainty. This uncertainty causes encountering with the opportunity and risk for corporate which is occurred not determination of potential events that may be in the future and the results of these events as a status. Absolutely, uncertainty may change depending on the institution's strategic preferences.

The process of corporate risk management identify potential events which affect achieving the goals of the corporate, managing the willingness of risk taking within the boundaries and providing reasonable assurance about the achieving of corporate aims and so this process of corporate risk management is structured throughout the organization and it is affected by corporate executive board, management and other employees.

The main objective of the corporate risk management may be expressed reaching goals of corporate to ensure directing of the risk management.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) presents services under the two main headings about the corporate risk management.

• Ensuring consultancy services for the corporations which have not corporate management system and thinking establishment it.
• Evaluation the effectiveness and efficiency of available risk management system for the corporations which have the corporate risk management system.

The Evaluation of Risk Management System

Do you think that you have an appropriate risk management strategy?

Are you sure that risks which have not been identified and action taken?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
The Board is responsible to confirm that corporate have risk management or not and also the processes are enough and active or not about the processes of risk management.

The Board may demand supporting from Internal Audit Center (IDM) because of review the adequacy and effectiveness of implemented risk process, evaluation, reporting and propose remedial measures in this regard.

Internal Audit Center follow following steps in the process of evaluation of risk management system and it presents assurance and consultancy services.

• Review the corporate policies and the record of the board to identify the company's business strategies, risk management philosophy and management, risk appetite and acceptance of risks.
• Review and determination the current risk assessment reports which prepared within the corporation.
• Make a meeting with the top management and unit managers to identify objectives of business units, associated with risk and reducing corporate management risks, controlling and monitoring working.
• Evaluation the effectiveness of control activities with an independent eye about the mitigation, monitoring and reporting of risk.
• Evaluation the hierarchical organization in terms of suitability for risk oversight activities.
• Review the adequacy of reporting about the results of Risk Management and that have these reports been done on time.
• Review and present healing precautions(or actions) about the appropriateness of taken cautions to resolve identified problems about the processes of risk management and risks analysis of management is full or not.
• Evaluation the effectiveness of the internal assessment process which is applied by management.
• Review the results of risk about the weaknesses of applications of risk management. And then IDM informs the board and top managers about the risk level which is not suitable about the risk management strategy and policies of the board or IDM informs them when a risk level is accepted which is not acceptable risk level by the corporate.

Consultancy Services for Establishment of Risk Management System

If you feel your organization is vulnerable to high risks!

If you want to convert an opportunity to the risks!

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
All of corporations don’t carry out on activities in an environment which is free from risks also application of the risk management system don’t ensure an environment which is free from risks for any corporation. The main benefits of it, activities are continued effectively in a competitive environment which is full of risks so the main advantages of risk management system are following :

• Risk strategy is created as a depending on willingness of taking risk and so resource allocation becomes easy to the risk areas.
• Risk management system strengthens relationship between risk and returning. Corporations accept risk because of creating value and protection available values and they expect a returning (or benefits). Risk management consolidates relationship between risk and returning with the operations.
• Suitable methods and techniques are obtained in order to decide about the risk attitudes of corporation’s managements.
• Risk management system increases possibilities of reaching aims of corporation. These aims are which encounter less surprises target and so possible cost and loss are decreased.
• Risk management system shows the requirements of joint working against the risks at all corporations and also it causes the understanding of the potential domino effects of risks.
• It provides monitoring of the risks and scaling the effectiveness of corporate activities.

Internal Audit Center (IDM) consider the developments except the corporation and markets, and it obtains critical point because of meeting of senior managements, analysis of financial - risks and workshop applications. It supports to create risk profile among the principle of objectivity with the partnership of management team by using flexible methodology.

• Everything seems good in today however are you prepared for the risks?

Customized Audit Services

Customized Audit Services
Do you need to audit for a particular field or a customized subject of your organization?

Do you believe that customized expertise in specialized areas?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
In addition to Internal Audit, Internal Control, Risk Management and Information Technology Services also organizations or managers of the Internal Audit department need audit and consultancy services in specific areas requiring expertise.

Internal Audit Center produces fast and effective solutions with the auditors who are expert on national and international audit service for the process of responding to the needs of organizations or managers of the Internal Audit.

Operational Audit

Are you aware of the created value added by the periodic evaluation of operational processes with an objective aspect?

Do you know that you can benefit from internal audit in the development of effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
In generally, making profit, increase the values and ensuring the activity continuity are the main purpose for the corporations. The main way to obtain these purposes for the corporations are that passes through the effective and efficient management of operational activities.

Company owners and managers have information about the internal operations of organizations but also they need suggestions about that how to manage and work operations more efficiently and effectively. In this process, operational audit contribute to company about the carrying out company’s activities effectively and efficiently and achieving main purposes so operational audit appears a useful tool. Because of that, the operational level of business activities is becoming increasingly important at the under audit.

Operational Audit covers a wide area such as product quality, customer satisfaction, revenue maximization, expense control, the prevention of abuses, protection of assets, the creation of healthy working conditions, applications in corporate social responsibility.

Internal Audit Center support the corporations about the by identifying areas of risk and development recommendations to take under the control these risks and supporting the effectiveness of activities, development and continuity of corporations.

Internal Audit Center fulfills the services of operational audit without distinguishing the main activities parallel in the sector such as purchasing activities, manufacturing operations, inventory management, marketing, sales, distribution operations, after-sales services etc. it covers all of them.

Internal audit presents benefits to the corporations by the service of operational audit. These benefits can be listed in order:

• Identifying the areas which must be restored- Using the best applications in the areas which must be restored continuously.
• The discovering a cause of problem- Providing long-term solutions rather than short-term solutions
• Determination the effect of the current situation on the operations - Determining the cost of current applications and determination of the benefits resulting from the use of best applications
• Development of recommendations to remedy the situation by introducing alternative ways - Determination the best applications in a program which must be developed.

Financial Audit

Do you think that the financial processes under control?

Are you sure the accuracy of financial results which presented results to you?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
With today's organizations increasingly complex structure; The functions of income distribution, economic stability, resource allocation play important role in financial decision-making process and these functions haven’t changed so the subject of effective using of these functions have been more important dimension then most of approaching have suggested to increase efficiency. In this process, Financial Process Audit contributes the financial decision making largely.

Internal Audit Center audits financial process with the approaching of classical audit fields also it audits approaching of Audit Cycle. IDM supports the process of decision by evaluating control effectiveness of the operational process terms of fiscal and the accuracy of financial results.

Financial Process Controls covers the following areas:

• General Accounting - Financial Reserve and Control
• Payroll Operations
• Financial Applications
• Budget Applications
• Financial Statements

In the scope of financial processes audit; the confirming accuracy of financial statements also used and accepted Audit cycle samples are following in the international platforms.

• Revenue and cash receipts
• Purchases and payments
• Stock inventory and storage
• Liquid capital and payments
• Employees, payroll and payments

Human Resources Audit

Do you consider that your human resource organization is the most valuable asset ?

Are you sure that human resources operations, corporate policies and procedures is carried out within the framework of the legal requirements?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Today, the success of a company depends on the management of human resources largely. Therefore human resources audit has key importance about the improve the effectiveness of the organization when application of human resources facts are considered on the results of human resources create important changing.

Internal Audit Center evaluates policies and practices objectively and also it reveals human resources applications, company policies and procedures also appropriateness and effectiveness of laws for them. Then, IDM gives necessary information to the decision makers after the audit about that which policies and applications will be reviewed and developed

Internal Audit Center bases following areas during the process of human resources audit.

• Selection and Placement
• Compensation and Benefits
• Working Conditions and Permissions
• Employee Standards and Practices
• Working Principle and responsibilities
• Training
• Evaluation of Performance
• Career Planning
• Termination of labor contract

Administrative Audit

Do you think that there is no high cost in the administrative work so controlling is unnecessary for the Administrative Work?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
The function of Administrative Work of except in a company's main business areas is an important supporting function which is located within the company with the different hierarchical links, regardless of the volume of company.

Within a company, including some applications for staff, the function of administrative work works effectively and which fulfills its duty also it contribute the efficiency of the main and support activities.

Internal Audit Center evaluates the function of administrative work in terms of compatibility of company policy and procedures also it evaluates eligibility of expenditures and IDM analyses control activities within the framework of international standards so it provides supporting to increase the activity.

Internal Audit Center carries out Administrative Audit Service which covers the following areas:

• Employee Payroll Management
• Salary Advances Applications
• Business Advances Applications
• Follow-up of Annual Leave
• Overtime / Overtime Practices
• Embezzlement Applications
• Telephone / Communication Monitoring and Reporting
• Photocopying and Consumable Tracking
• Courier / Mail Service Management
• Motor Vehicle Management Company
• Personnel Transportation Service Management
• Staff Food Service Management
• Cleaning Services Management
• Security Applications
• Maintenance - Repair Applications

Purchasing Audit

Are you sure the process of purchasing?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
The important factors for the success of a company's cost, quality and timing elements are related the purchasing function directly. The effect of purchasing on business success changes depending on the purposes of purchase activity and the level of integration of procurement process.

Internal Audit Center analyzes the processes of purchasing in two main categories as for product purchases and other purchases.

Internal Audit Center has created the processes of purchasing with taking into account expected goals of the Internal Audit Center so evaluation areas the processes of purchasing is following:

• Purchase Request Process Management
• Process Management of Collection and Evaluation of Bidding
• Purchase Order Process Management
• Receiving, Registration and Payment Process Management
• Supplier Performance Evaluation
• Measurement of Supplier Satisfaction

Stock Management Audit

Are you aware of the losses in the process of stock management?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Inventories are an important part of total assets in some branches of industry and liquidity of stocks is lower than other circulating assets so correcting the mistakes can take time in the stock management and it can be costly.

The purpose of effective stock management is the determination the quantity material which is supplied material about the when, how much in order to obtain the desired time, the desired amount, the desired location, and the desired quality materials.

Internal Audit Center keeps planned level of the commercial goods, products, intermediate products and materials stocks within the framework of implemented audit program and it support the firms for continuous monitoring of stock turnover rates, while minimizing costs and also the elimination of inadequate stock problems.

Internal Audit Center contributes the firms with the Stock Management Audit which is following:

• The accurate determination of the needs of Stock
• Take the necessary precautions against fluctuations in demand
• Materials and reduction of product losses
• Protection the Stock and cover the stock values.
• Gaining efficiency because of prevention the excessive stock

Partnership Assurance Audit

Do you trust your partner to manage your company, Well, do you feel yourself under the assurance?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Today, capital structure of most companies is occurred from the partnership. In the important part of this business, some shareholders also manage part of operations and other shareholders only accept to participate because of capital commitment.

Some shareholders manage the part of operations so that other shareholders who are not interested in the part of operations need assurance about the fulfilling the company operations effectively and reliability of the financial results .

Internal Audit Center presents following consultancy services to resolve the concerns of shareholders about the risks which are available and encountered risks in the future:

• Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of the Internal Control System
• The evaluation of operational results of control activity of financial process
• Review of the effectiveness and efficiency of operations
• The evaluation the compliance of applications in terms of government regulations and company policies and procedures.
• Provide assurance of the accuracy of financial results.

Audit of Family Business
Are you aware that company can elevate the value because of Internal Audit?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Average life expectancy is considered 24 years for the family businesses in the world, but this time remains the below from the world average in Turkey.

According to researching about the family business: the life expectancy of business family is 4 generation in the world for non-institutionalized companies and this life expectancy is 2 generation in Turkey for non-institutionalized companies.

The same researching shows that most of Turkish family businesses expect growth and they believe the requirement of restructuring so these companies plan to realize the process of changing with the initial public offering of company, change hands of it and as a this type methods.

According to Internal Audit Center; the institutionalization has important effect for development and growth of family businesses and so IDM presents Internal Audit and Internal Control Services to support the institutionalization for the family businesses. These services present assurance and consultancy supporting also they increase the value of corporation.

The applications of internal audit has advantages for the family businesses during the process of initial public offering of company and change hands of it and these applications cause decreasing the cost of due diligence and independent audit services.

3.Party (Contract Compliance) Audit

Do you think that receive management support about the protecting the contractual right?

Do you know that audit activities are most rapid and effective tool for the protection of rights?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
In today's complex economic structure, organizations use application of joint venture, subcontracting or outsourcing etc. in the many activities field within the framework of time and cost factors.

In this process, if joint venture and outsourcing are managed correctly then they provide significant benefits to organizations. Otherwise, disadvantages will be arisen for the organizations that would lead to substantial losses.

Operating the process effectively and suitable of the company interests can be realized thanks to creation of control system correctly and continuous monitoring.

Internal Audit Center provides audit services to firms which ensure cost –saving, objective, professional, and time within the framework of the targeted by companies’ institutional and operational standards.

Internal Audit Center presents audit and consultancy services to the firms about in order to protect all kinds of contract parties’ benefits with audit, obtaining the maximum possible level because of contractual rights or detection of obtaining or not of these rights.

Internal Audit Center presents following services within the scope of 3. Parties audit

• The review of party contract and obligations
• The Compliance audits of vendor contracts.
• Compliance audits of sales discounts and advantages in the dealership system.
• Compliance audits in the revenue sharing system
• Operational, fiscal and compliance audits for the foreign companies doing business and investment in Turkey.
• Operational, fiscal and compliance audits for Turkish companies doing business and investment abroad.

Special Reviews and Investigations
Are you aware the risks that must be taken action for misconduct and corruption?

Do you think that you need an expert survey for a particular subject or a suspected confidential case and a detail research

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
When Financial losses due to misconduct and loss of reputation are considered the impact on organizations, Abuses not only taken action by firms when faced with them but also firms must be taken action about these abuses to prevent it before faced with them.

Organizations sometimes may need an objective aspect and expertise in some cases which require special inspection or investigation.

Special Review and investigations carried out professionally, as well as, detection of introduction as fast and accurate, supporting to minimize the negative effects on the organizations.

Internal Audit Center attach importance the principle of confidentiality, and legal dimensions while carrying out special analysis and investigations

Internal Audit Center provides training to the organizations about establishment ethics codes of organizations, development of a notice mechanism, raising awareness within the institution and preventive control activities in this context IDM support to prevent abuses.

• Do you believe that customized expertise in specialized areas?

Corporate Development and Consultancy Services

Corporate Development and Consultancy Services
Are received consultancy services theoretical or do they these present solution recommendations?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Increase commercial activities of organizations cause requirement of corporate development.
The raising development of corporate level contributes to improve controlled environment with the auditable environment. Assume that controllability and auditability contribute corporate development so we can say that control, audit and corporate development are the parts of a whole in the audit universe.
In addition to Internal Audit Center presents Internal Audit, Internal Control, Risk Management and Information Technology services, also it presents supporting and consultancy services about the applicable solution recommendations and development of corporate structure.

Audit Committee Consulting Service

Are you aware of the incurred risks and responsibilities for the membership of the Audit Committee?

Do you believe that you will accomplish your responsibility substantially with the receiving professional support for the duty in the Audit Committee ?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
Within framework principles of OECD, “Principles of Corporate Governance” are predicated on which explained by TÜSİAD, CMB made new arrangements about Independent audit of publicly traded companies and so “Audit Responsible Committee” has been the establishment obligation for the company which compose at least two members within the board of directors and with the decision of the Board for all publicly traded companies.

Audit committees which are essential with the CMB and BRSA regulations don’t carry out the audit activity and they don’t bear responsibility with the audit activity directly. Audit Committee is responsible to monitor compliance legislation for behalf of the Board such as effectiveness and efficiency of audit activities which are performed for the company (internal and external), the functioning of the internal controls and adequacy, accuracy of accounting and financial reporting, effectiveness of risk management and compliance with legislation.

Internal Audit Center presents consultancy services to the Audit Committee about with the above-mentioned regulations, issues about/such as evaluation of corporate principles within the company needed, identification of risks and opportunities and the development of solutions.

Consultancy services are listed as follows which offered by Internal Audit Center to the Audit Committees:

• Review of Duties and Responsibilities of the Audit Committee
• The review of the application scope of Audit Committee
• The Review the Application Regulation of Audit Committee
• Establishment the working Methods and Techniques with working papers of Audit Committee.
• Supporting Audit Committee Application and Monitoring Process.

Corporate Documentation Preparation Consultancy Service

If you have competence and time problem about the establishment of corporate documentation!

If you think that Written policies and Procedures are not living documents, they are only theoretical documents!

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
When think that effective and efficient an internal control system is an important milestone of the corporate management so that need to fulfill main activities about ensuring strong control environment of the business. One of the most important elements of Internal Control System which form the basis of control environment is corporate policies and written procedures.

Company documents which create their own strategies and policies within the framework of legal regulations come to the fore as an important factor about the establishment of corporate memory, the establishment of a strong internal control system and also maintenance operational processes effectively and efficiently.

Companies face the problem of human resource capability and high time cost in the process of preparing written documentation and so Internal Audit Center presents consultancy services about the preparation of company's written documentation with fast and acceptable costs and expert staff to the firms.

Internal Audit Center document current applications also IDM light the way for about achieving the best applications by organizations so that it aims to create living documents rather than teorical documents.

Internal Audit Center presents following services to the firms within the framework preparing corporate documentation:

• Establishment the organization charts of company and departmental.
• Clarification of positions and the preparation of job descriptions.
• Preparing the procedures about the main and support functions.
• Process analysis and preparation of work flow diagrams.

• Do you know that you can increase the value which obtains with the corporate development, thanks to audit and consultancy?

Training Services for the Development of Internal Auditor

Training Services for the Development of Internal Auditor
Do you support the development of control consciousness of company executives and employees with the training?

Do you believe in the necessity of continuing education for the development of the internal audit staff?

The Solution of Internal Audit Center;
In addition to the Internal Audit function, the Internal Control System and Risk Management issues also training program was developed as an integral element of consulting services so Internal Audit Center designs customized training to contribute the perceiving of Internal Control System and the functionality and development of control consciousness of company top management and other managers.

Internal Audit Center also designs to contribute the development of internal auditors and continuity of development, IDM bases Internal Audit Professional Practice Framework and International Principles of Internal Control and then and it combines field experience and comprehensive examples, thanks to this, IDM develops these training in accordance with the conditions of Turkey.

Sample training programs for the Internal Control System

• The Internal Control System and Internal Audit Function within the framework of Corporate Governance Principles.
• Internal Control System and Internal Audit for Corporate excellence in NGOs
Samples training for the incipient internal auditors.

• In the light of the Internal Audit Professional Practice Framework Internal Control System and Internal Audit Function.
• Internal Audit Professional Practice Framework
• Report writing techniques in the internal audit
Sample training for Internal Audit Specialist

• Operational audit
• Fraud detection techniques and prevention methods
Sample training for Internal Audit Managers;

• Effectiveness and efficiency in the management of Internal audit department
• Risk assessment and Risk Based Audit Planning for the Internal Audit Units